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Searching for creative ways for guests to remember your celebration?  Then you’ll love the site we recently discovered…


"The Paper Worker" "Paper" "Custom" "Custom Paper Products"


This website is bursting with products that can be customized easily for Welcome Gifts, Bridal and Baby Showers, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinces, Sweet 16 parties and other special events! Here’s a few of our favorite finds along with some inspirational ways to  use them…



Recently I attended a Kitchen Shower for a friend getting married in a few weeks. When I received the invitation to the shower, a recipe card was included.  Guests were instructed to write their favorite recipe on the card and bring it the day of the shower. At the celebration, the host collected everyone’s cards and placed them in a decorative box.  During lunch, the bride-to-be was presented the box filled with dozens of culinary delights.


"Recipes" "Recipe" "Binder" "Kitchen"


When I saw these cute binders on, I immediately had flashbacks of my friend’s Kitchen Shower. These binders are a lovely way to organize recipes provided by family and friends for a bride or mother-to-be! For a bride-to-be, your design might include the couple’s wedding colors, their monogram, a photo of the couple,  their wedding date, etc. The arrival of a baby doesn’t mean a new Mommy’s stove should end up covered in cobwebs. Bring dinner to celebrate a new arrival along with a custom binder filled with recipes requiring only a few ingredients or ones that take less than thirty minutes to prepare. It’s a gift I’m sure will fill their tummies and hearts with joy! Don’t know anyone getting married  or having a baby? How about hosting a “Cookies & Cocktails” holiday party? As guests arrive, provide each with a beautiful binder dreamed up by one divalicious host…that’s you! Your family and friends will love using your stylish gift to collect the many delicious cookie and cocktail recipes everyone has brought to the soiree.


 "CD Sleeve" "Wedding" "Wedding CD" "Music" "Wedding Music"


Over the years I’ve seen clients spend small fortunes on wedding favors. Some their guests would utilize  and others  I knew they’d toss as soon as they arrived home. My advice to anyone purchasing party favors for their upcoming celebration? Try not to search for things at the last minute. Giving yourself enough time to shop, significantly increases your chances of finding  the perfect party favor for your affair.


 "Custom CD" "Music" "Wedding Music" "Wedding"


 A CD of meaningful songs placed in a custom CD sleeve like the ones above make wonderful mementos. On the cover of the CD sleeve, add a photo, picture or logo, a date…set your imagination free. Inside the CD sleeve, add a personal note of thanks to guests for sharing in your special day. Don’t forget to provide the personal meanings behind the songs included on the CD. I realize everyone’s taste in music differs, but with a keepsake filled with as much meaning as this…chances are pretty good they’ll hold onto this one. In fact, they might even listen to it over and over!


"Wine Box" "Box" "Wine" "Personal Wine Box" "Personal Gift Box" "Gift Box"


Why not add a bottle of bubbly in a decorative box to your out-of-town guests Welcome Bags? Welcome Bags continue to build excitement leading up to the main event. They’re fun to fashion by yourself or with help from family and friends. Best of all these special tokens won’t break your budget, but guests might think they did! Don’t worry…your secret is safe with me! has oodles of affordable items and a friendly team eager to help bring visions to life! For more information on the products included in today’s article, visit



Tampa Wedding Photography: The Importance of Lighting


Question:  I’ve heard a few photographers mention “off-camera light” when refering to their work.  What is “off-camera light” and how important is it at my wedding or Bar Mitzvah?


It’s very important, especially at a wedding.  First, let me explain what it is and then I’ll show you some examples.

 “Off camera light” is exactly what it sounds like.  The photographers light is taken off the camera and mounted on a tripod or held by an assistant.  Here’s why it’s important:


tampa wedding photography 2


This picture was taken during a brief stop at the causeway on the way to the reception.  The couple wanted some quick pictures of their friends near the water so we jumped out of the limo for a few minutes and had some fun.  My flash is on my camera, pointed directly at the subjects.  Notice how the bride’s dress is “blown-out?”  You lose detail in the dress when the flash is mounted on the camera.  That’s okay for fun, fast snapshots like this but what about the portraits, etc?


tampa wedding photography


Now look at the dress.  Notice that you can see all the detail and ripples in the fabric?  That’s because the light is “off-camera.”  By placing the light a little to my right I can light the couple (and the dress) in a much more flattering way.


Here’s another great example:

Tampa wedding photography 4


Without “off-camera light,” this you wouldn’t be able to see all the detail in this dress.

The fact is, “off-camera light” makes almost every picture better.  Not only does it preserve the detail in a dress you spent so much time picking out… it also makes for a more dynamic and flattering portrait all together.  Plus, a photographer who uses “off-camera light” will usually have a few tricks up his sleeve for creating something truly unique:


Tampa wedding photography 5


 Notice the detail in the dress and the way the light highlights her face in dramatic fashion?  That’s only possible with “off-camera light.”  

 But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only needed at weddings.  It’s needed anytime you are having a portrait taken.  This is especially true in dark churches and synagogues: 


Tampa Bar Mitzvah photographer


 “Off-camera light” just makes everything better.  It allows the photographer to shape and control the light and produce an image that stands out.

 So, when shopping for a photographer for your Tampa wedding, Bar Mitzvah or event, be sure they know how to use “off camera light.”  You’ll be glad you did!


Best Wishes,



 Booray Perry is a wedding and Bar Mitzvah photographer in Tampa.  Visit his website at

0013 Bar Mitzvah Celebration


Our mission if we chose to accept it? Transform a historic, beachfront hotel’s ballroom into a “0013 Bar Mitzvah Celebration.” I know, my opening line for all you James Bond fans isn’t from a 007 movie. However, by the looks on guests faces as they walked through a Monte Carlo inspired entryway into the reception…we knew our mission was accomplished!



In keeping with the party’s theme, martini glasses held place card olives adorned with  Bar Mitzvah guests names and table assignments.




A custom Aston Martin gobo graced the dance floor.




The room’s overall decor, reflected the glamour of Monte Carlo.



Elegant glass vases  filled with white roses, hydrangea, orchids and ostrich feathers sat atop tables dressed in black pintuck eyelash linens.




We loved these unique  file folder “For Your Eyes Only” menu cards. When opened, they revealed a sumptuous menu printed on a stunning, crystal card stock.




Our guest of honor’s table was filled with all the gadgets a secret agent would need to successfully complete a covert operation.




On display throughout the celebration, this delectable cake was the perfect ending to a first class affair.


Event Planning & Design – Diva With A Fork

Venue – Loews Don CeSar Hotel

Florist – The Arrangement Florist

Menu Cards & Table Signage -  Natural Impression Design

Linens – Connie Duglin Specialty Linen

Lighting – Swank Audio Visuals

Music – The Mike Eisenstadt Band

Photography – Maddock Photographers


 Eat, Drink & Entertain, 


Let’s Celebrate Showcase Tampa


Diva With A Fork is thrilled to present Tampa’s first…


November 13, 2011

Centre Club

123 South Westshore Blvd

Eighth Floor

Tampa, Florida

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


 Admission is Free to the Public

Children 11 Years of Age and Up are Welcome to Attend When Accompanied by an Adult





This luxury showcase brings together the best and brightest event professionals in the industry, to share their products and services with people throughout the Tampa Bay area. If you are planning a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Quince or other Social Event, you won’t want to miss this unique, fun-filled afternoon!


Calling All Industry Professionals…Sponsorship Opportunities, Exhibitor Booths and Advertising Spaces are Now Available

To learn more, contact – or call (813) 265-2862


A Bar Mitzvah Celebration…007 Style!

 James Bond is the fictional character created by novelist, Ian Fleming. His books feature 007 as a charismatic British S.I.S. agent known for his luxurious lifestyle and love of beautiful women. Bond’s larger-than-life image inspired the bold design of this Bar Mitzvah celebration.




 An elaborate entryway influenced by the movie Casino Royale, was a welcoming sight for guests.




It’s no secret James Bond’s drink of choice was a Vodka Martini, “Shaken Not Stirred.”  These glow in the dark martini glasses were playful seating cards, as well as, party favors.




Sports cars, private airplanes…007 traveled in style! We decked out the children’s soda bar and buffet area with both!




Le Magasin De Bon Bon De Brett was a candy lovers dream come true. No one could resist the urge to indulge!



While children dined bistro style on gourmet mac-n-cheese garnished with panko breaded chicken strips in a martini glass, adults devoured filets of beef with a peppercorn demi-glace at tables of ten named after Bond movies. Beautiful, bright floral arrangements complimented multi-colored shag linen overlays.



A sensational deejay and dancers kept everyone celebrating way past midnight!


Meet the experts that brought our masterpiece to life!



Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel

Event Planning & Design

Events By Eileen & Diva With A Fork


Maddock Photographers

Florals & Props

The Arrangement Florist – (813) 886-1518


Connie Duglin Specialty Linen & Chair Cover Rental


M & M Entertainment







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