Pinkberry…The “Rockstar” of Frozen Yogurt!


After abandoning their dream of opening a teahouse due to a permitting issue, I doubt Shelly Hwang and Tommy Lee had any inkling their “Plan B” would have created the frenzy it did in 2005. Today, their frozen treat has garnered a cult-like following. Their die-hard fans can be credited in making Pinkberry the “rockstar” of frozen yogurt!




I’d seen photos of celebrities strolling around LA with their cups of Pinkberry in hand. My own family in NYC has been raving about it for years. So, when I saw a tweet on Twitter announcing one was finally opening in Tampa…I knew the time had come to try for myself, “The taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets.”



Chic, modern, with a zen-like essence best describes the interior of Pinkberry. Unbelievable I thought. A frozen yogurt shop, with the tranquil look and feel of a spa? This place was already racking up forkolicious points! However, I’d been to food establishments before that were candy to the eyes, but a disaster to the tastebuds. Would Pinkberry just be a pretty face without much else? With six  flavors of frozen yogurt and a colorful buffet of toppings, the possiblity of finding one I’d like was pretty good.




Staring at the yogurt machines, I knew I had to try every flavor. Which did I sample first? The one that’s synonymous with Pinkberry, the Original. Other yogurt shops have tried to copy this unique flavor, but now that I’ve tasted the “original” Original, I can honestly say theirs doesn’t come close! It’s creamy, tart, sweet perfection. The other day, the unthinkable happened…I found not one, but five different divalicious creations that without a doubt, will keep me coming back time and time again. Check out my new favorites…


Original + Captain Crunch

Like eating a delicious bowl of Captain Crunch cereal with ice cold milk! 


Chocolate + Cheesecake Bites + Fresh Raspberries

 If you can imagine the taste of a frozen fudge pop topped with a slice of New York cheesecake and a few fresh raspberries, that’s exactly what you’ll enjoy with this luscious combination. 


Lychee + Fresh Lime Slice

I swear if you added a splash of tequila, this would be a margarita! It’s so refreshing!


Original + Praline Hazelnut Crunch OR

Chocolate + Praline Hazelnut Crunch

Orgasmic! Need I say more?


I’m sad to say that Lychee was a seasonal flavor and will be taking a vacation for awhile. Salted Caramel debuted this past Friday in its place. Pinkberry fans are already gushing about the one-of-a-kind sweet and salty experience. When I think of summer, I daydream of swimming pools, fireworks and thick slices of watermelon. Looks like I’m not the only one. Watermelon, a customer favorite will be returning to Pinkberry locations just in time for summer!


I can’t believe it, but it’s true! After one visit to Pinkberryin Tampa, I’m hooked. Their frozen yogurt tastes like no other and is certified by the National Yogurt Association. Unsure Pinkberry has what it takes to make your mouth sing? Try it for yourself! Holly Bicknell, the General Manager for Pinkberry at Westshore Plaza told me there’s approximately 1.5 million lip smacking frozen yogurt/topping combinations available.




Are you or someone you know getting married, having a bar/bat mitzvah, baby shower, social event or fundraiser? Let Pinkberry bring their irresistable experience to your next function. For more information about Pinkberry, visit or stop by one of their 120 worldwide locations. If visiting the Westshore Plaza or Citrus Park location (Opening July 2011), make sure to tell them Diva With A Fork sent you!



 *Diva With A Fork was not monetarily compensated for this article or promised free Pinkberry products in the future for her review. The review is of the writer’s personal views based on her own experience sampling Pinkberry in Tampa, FL. Photos included in this article were provided by Pinkberry, Inc. and published with their permission.



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